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Estd : 1950. Government sponsored.
Affiliated to University of North Bengal
NAAC Accredited with B++

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    i)There are three hostel viz. Uttara, Purabi and Malancha providing boarding facilities to more than 250 students of the college.
    ii)No married student is admitted in the hostel. If a boarder gets married after admission she has to leave the hostel immediately. Students failing in Semester I and Semester II examinations are not allowed to continue as the boarders.
    iii)Boarders are required to vacate the hostel during Puja Holidays.
    iv)Abandoning the hostel is allowed at the end of the normal college course. Application for abandonment at any other time must be made in writing with sufficient reasons and submitted to the Principal through the Hostel Super intendant at least fifteen days prior to the date from which the abandonment will take effect.
    v)SickboardersareattendedtobytheMedicalOfficeroftheCollegefreeofcharge.Ifa boarder wishes to call in some other doctor, she may do so with permission of the Super intendant and she is required to bear all the expenses involved in it.Sickdiet as prescribed by the Medical Officer is supplied free of charge till the cost of such diet remains the same as that for the regular meal but expenses in addition to it is to be borne by the boarder herself. The local guardian is responsible for removing the sick ward from the hostel, if so required by circumstances.
    vi)There are three categories of visitors for the boarder’s viz. a) Guardian, b)
    Local Guardian and c) Approved Visitors (maximum 3 nos.).
    vii)Boarders are not allowed to receive visitors in College. Visitors are to be received in Visitor’s Room in the Hostel during specified visiting hours: Wednesday – 4 to 6 PM and Sunday – 9AM to 12 Noon.
    viii)Visitors can meet their wards on Wednesdays. On Sundays boarders are allowed to take ‘day leave’, twice a month with their specified visitors or local guardian but must come back in the hostel within 6:00 PM in the summer and within 5:30 PM in winter. One “night leave” is allowed every month.
    ix)Only the above three categories of visitors are allowed to meet the boarder. At the time of admission the guardian must submit a signed list of not more than five visitors to Superintendent with their (visitor’s) specimen signature and full address with telephone numbers. Visitors taking boarders outside are expected to take them personally. In case of ‘night leave’ the local guardians are expected to come in person. If, for any reason, that is not possible guardian and local guardians are required to send escorts with letter of authority (not merely signed) by the legal guardian.
    x)The Local guardian must have to be a married person living with the member’s of the family in Jalpaiguri. In case of illness or any other emergency, the local guardian must be prepared to remove his/her ward from the hostel.
    xi)a) Boarders are required to pay the following charges at a time for one year at the time of hostel admission (payable at College Office).

    Item Payable Per month Amount Payable (yearly)

    Admission fee

    Rs. 50.00

    Vacation charge

    Rs. 10.00

    Seat rent

    Rs. 20.00

    Rs. 240.00

    Establishment Charges

    Rs. 50.00

    Rs. 600.00

    Electricity Charges

    Rs. 100.00

    Rs. 1200.00

    Telephone Charges

    Rs. 5.00

    Rs. 60.00

    Generator Charges

    Rs. 30.00

    Rs. 360.00

    Development fee

    Rs. 30.00

    Rs. 360.00


    Rs. 50.00

    Rs. 600.00


    Rs. 3480.00

    b)Boarders are required to pay Rs.1500.00assecurity deposit at the time of admission in the hostel (at hostel office).
    c)Food Charge is Rs. 1000.00 per month.
    d)Guest students are to pay Rs. 100.00 per day as Guest charges.
    xii)Guardians are requested to pay the food charges within 10th of every month positively.
    xiii)There is a mess management committee consisting of the members elected from among the boarders. Its functions are determined by the Suptd., the ex‐officio President of the Committee.
    xiv)Boarders shall have to put the lights off in their rooms by 10:30 PM ordinarily (during examinations by 11PM). Generator is provided in case of load shedding in the evening till 10 PM.
    xv)Attendance is taken at 6:30 PM daily in summer and at 5:30 PM in winter. After roll call no boarder is allowed to leave the building in which she resides.
    xvi)Boarders are required to bring along their own bed, plates, cups, drinking glasses etc. and other personal requirements.
    xvii)Wastage of water and electricity is strictly prohibited.
    xviii)Boarders are not allowed to enjoy TV Programs without the permission of the Hostel superintendent.
    xix)No meeting or demonstration shall beheld with in the premises of the hostel without the prior permission of the Hostel Superintendent.
    xx)Boarders are expected to take active parts in all hostel activities.
    xxi)The Hostel Sub‐Committee may alter, amend or withdraw any rules or introduce new rules, if necessary.
    xxii) Laptop, desktop and other electrical gazettes are not allowed to use. In case of laptop and desktop using, student should ask for permission from the authority.